Backbacking Destinations

11 Jun

trip2There are several options for backpacking adventurers, from deserts to alpine meadows. The best place for travellers is to make use of the accommodation available at low prices and a low crime rate. You should always check the political situation of a new country before traveling there to ensure that it is safe for you.

For first time backpackers, Southeast Asia is generally a good choice because buses and trains are readily available on a daily basis in most places. For budget travelling, it is a bonus that the cost of living is also cheap.   Continue Reading

Planning a Trip with Children

11 Jun

trip1When you are planning a trip with your children, make your plans at a slower pace than you might usually have. Be realistic if you want to cover and see more than one place with little ones in tow.

Before going on a trip with another family, or adults, talk about what each person wants to do, take turns doing the chores and minding the children, and discuss how much time should be spent together or apart. The bills should be discussed how it should be shared. Continue Reading

Planning a Day Trip

19 Feb

planningThe proverbs “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” reminds us that sometimes we need to relax and enjoy ourselves and not be too obsessed with work. Vacations are a good way to give excitement back to our lives especially when we are on the edge of becoming too stressed at work. However, our dream vacation may not always be possible because of factors such as time constrains, insufficient money, or we can’t book according to our liking. But these factors should not hinder us from having a good time as there are always ways on how we can take a break every now and then. We do not need to have long vacations because we can easily go on a “day trip” that allows us to get away for even a couple of days without all the vacation hassles.

Planning a day trip starts with thinking about who will be on the trip and their preferences. You should know how many people are coming with you or you prefer to go alone. This plays a key factor in choosing a day trip destination. The right destination is crucial because you need to make sure that every member of the family or group will enjoy or has something to do in your chosen destination. This will ensure that no one will complain of being bored or not having a good time. Going alone will be much easier as you only need to decide for yourself.

If you have decided on the destination, the next thing you should do is check your finances. Setting a travel budget is an important aspect of your trip and you need to analyze every possible expense that will be incurred for your trip. These expenses include every dollar you spend before, during and after your trip. You might think of this as an easy task, but this is actually crucial especially when you only have a limited budget to spend. Day trips are usually less expensive than vacation getaways but do not be too confident as you might end up overspending. It is always better to research beforehand to get estimates for every possible item you will spend on like food, admission tickets, fuel if driving, or any other expense.

A good thing about day trips is that you can plan it even just a couple of days in advance unlike long vacations where you need to plan months or even years ahead of time. Planning a couple of days beforehand will already allow you to check local weather so that you can make revisions to your plan. If a low pressure is coming, then you can cancel or reschedule you trip without too much hassle on the planning process.

But even if day trips are enjoyed in a carefree manner, you still need to pack the right things for your trip. You can bring snacks and beverages with you to save money while on the road and pack helpful travel items like road maps, first aid kits, and emergency items that could be very useful. Day trips can be done anytime and anywhere when you know how to plan it right in a less stressful way.


Aria Las Vegas – Hotel Information

06 Feb

SFrances_091129_2305The Aria Las Vegas resort is a luxury resort consisting of two steel high-rise and curved glass towers which are adjoined at the center which is conveniently located at the famous Las Vegas Strip, every room is filled with the latest technology. The hotel currently holds the title as the tallest and the largest structure at city center of the Las Vegas strip measuring 4,000,000 sqft and 180 meters in height. Hotel Aria’s two grand towers are 61 and 51-storeys high with 4,004 guest rooms and suites, 16 restaurants to take your pick from, 10 bars and nightclubs to keep the energy at a high level, and a casino with 150,000 sqft of gaming space for you to lose yourself in. For rest a relaxation, the pool area also has 50 cabanas, a salon and spa, a convention center for meetings and a 1,800-seat theater which currently hosts Zarkana by the world famous Cirque du Soleil.


Choosing your Accommodations – Always best to book in advance to get the best deal during your stay, with more than 4,000 rooms and suites combined to choose from. Each room is purposely aimed at giving you the full experience a Las Vegas hotel should and possible exceed it, which is one of the reasons the structure was accredited with AAA Five Diamond and Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Awards. Each room in ARIA includes the finest attention to detail, from the triple-sheeted 300 thread count sheets to the one-touch “Goodnight” button. Be astounded with the multiple options for your stay starting from the Deluxe Room, Corner Suite, Center Suite, Crystal’s Suite, Cirrus Suite, Tower Suite or the Hospitality Executive Suite. Sky Suites sets itself apart since they are accessed via a private entrance and elevator and include transportation between the hotel and airport in limousine.


Gaming Experience – The Aria Las Vegas is the only hotel which has a casino in the CityCenter complex, inside the elegant gaming area includes slots, poker, table games, and a race and sports book. There’s no better pleasure than being reunited with your favorite game and trying your luck out to be the next big winner.


Aria’s collection of dining options, led by some of the world’s most inspired and creative chefs, is the perfect complement to the flow of Vegas. With many dining options to choose from, Julian Serrano is a tapas restaurant in the lobby named after its chef, Sage is described as a contemporary American restaurant, other notable restaurants include the BARMASA led by a modern Japanese chef Masa Takayama; if you fancy steak then head to Jean-Georges Steakhouse, for seafood lovers Michael Mina’s seafood restaurant American Fish should be at the top of your list.


Top 5 things to do in Calgary

03 Feb

calgaryThere are many things to do in Calgary in summer so we have put together a list of what we feel to be the top five.
Calgary, casually referred to as Stampede City, is a city located in Canada’s Alberta province. The city has exceptionally beautiful landscapes, rare flora and fauna, and lots of sporting activities that anyone can participate in. Additionally, Calgary has incredible cultural events that you can choose to participate in this summer. Five things to do in Calgary are discussed here.

Choose to raft on the Elbow and Bow Rivers
The easiest and fun way to cool off during this summer in Calgary is to grab a raft, family, and cold beverages and take to the river. Do not forget to wear a life jacket. Also, bring with you extra clothes in waterproof bag. Remember to wear sunscreen.

There are two great routes to choose from, Elbow and Bow rivers. If you are experienced in the sport of rafting, you can choose Bow River. It is faster and more dangerous. If you are new to rafting, choose Elbow River. It is gentler, shallower, and less dangerous.

Take a hike
Calgary has incredible hiking sites. These range from short distance to long distance hiking sites and from easy to very difficult hiking sites. One of the most popular hiking sites in Calgary is Yamnuska Summit. This site has been described as a moderate hiking site. Here, you start with an easy hike through a mixed forest. The forest teams with wildlife, so be careful. Ultimately, the trail diverges into numerous routes. All routes have sections where good footing is imperative.
Other equally great hiking sites in the city include Chester Lake, Stanley Glacier, and Crowsnest Mountain.

Why not attend a cultural festival
This summer, there will be at least 8 cultural festivals taking place in Calgary. The events celebrate the city’s diversity, multiculturalism, and culture. Some of the festivals include Chinatown Street festival, Calgary International Reggae Fest, Igbo Day, and Afrikadey Festival among others.

Visit Reader Rock Garden
Calgary has numerous parks and gardens, but Reader Rock Garden is exceptional. The 70-year old garden was recently rejuvenated after years of abandonment. The three-acre site has incredible trails waiting to be explored.

Visit Banff National Park
This is a premier tourist destination. The park spans over 2,564 square miles of forests, valleys, mountains, glaciers, meadows, and rivers. There is plenty of natural flora and fauna that inhabits the park. Besides enjoying the beauty of this magnificent natural habitat, you can take a walk, a hike, or raft in any of the park’s rivers.

How to Travel By Air When Pregnant

16 Dec

planeExpecting mothers can travel by air for convenience but only until before the expected date of delivery because of the increased risk of delivering during the flight. It is fairly safe to travel by air while pregnant but it is not very easy unless precautionary measures are done. When you are pregnant, different changes happen to one’s body physically, emotionally and mentally. A mother’s emotions can be unstable and she can feel various discomforts all throughout the day. You can travel on a plane for leisure or work purposes but with certain considerations and safety measures to ensure that you do not experience anything that could affect the pregnancy while one is on air.

Air travel can be both a stressful and comfortable activity for the expecting mother. Riding the plane is one of the most convenient ways to travel as it can get you to your destination the fastest time possible especially when booking direct flights. However, the busy airport terminals and the time spent seating the whole trip can get you stressed as well. Flying while pregnant is time worth spending a few extra dollars since you cannot sacrifice your comfort just for discounts. You need to ensure that you experience the most comfortable and convenient flight when flying because you cannot risk anything happening to you and your baby during the trip. It is recommended to consult with your doctor before making travel arrangements so that you can get advice on the proper flight preparations for a restful and relaxing flight.

The most common change in your pregnant body is your growing uterus where it presses on the urinary bladder and increases the frequency of urination. You can easily become uncomfortable when your uterus is constricted especially when you are seated in an airplane where the seats are close together. Upon booking your trip, make sure to choose or request for a bulkhead seat which is the seat located just behind the bulkhead partition that separates the plane into economic class from business class. The bulkhead seal will provide your pregnant body with more legroom so that you can easily rest your legs and have enough room for your tummy. If n an aisle seat is available, you can request this one to give you easy access on moving to the washroom.

Long flights can be very stressful during pregnancy as it can worsen the swelling of the ankles and the lower legs. Being pregnant increases your risk for developing varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis which can be life-threatening complications. These conditions can be prevented when on air travel by ensuring the blood circulation on your lower extremities. You can do some stretching activities while on the plane and you can stroll along the aisle ever hour to lessen the swelling of your feet.

Air travel if possible should be minimized during pregnancy but this does not mean that it should be completely eliminated from a woman’s itinerary. Do not feel deprived of the ability to travel because you can still enjoy traveling by plane as long as you and your baby’s health remain a top priority.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas – Hotel Information

15 Dec

cosmoWithout a doubt, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is the place to stay when you want a chic and modern accommodation on The Strip. The hotel is just around 10 minutes away from the McCarran International Airport and popular attractions like the Grand Canyon or Fashion Show Mall. A one-stop-spot is what bests describes Cosmopolitan and you have tons of things to do even when you’re just inside the hotel. The resort’s unique design offers a spectacular view of the vibrant city and the Bellagio is one best attraction from your location. There are many hotels in Vegas but it is not difficult to make Cosmopolitan a crowd favorite.

There are 2,995 hotel rooms designed to exude modern luxury and glamour making the guest’s stay a remarkable experience. You can enjoy the room’s amenities once you check-in and all of these amenities are the best of their kind. Rooms are in two towers and have large, marble-floored bathrooms and are all provided with plasma-screen televisions, air conditioning, mini bar, climate control and you can avail of pay-per-view movies. The suites feature a kitchenette with microwave and a stocked mini-refrigerator. Majority of the rooms come sliding glass doors leading to terraces of gorgeous outdoor patios with comfy furnishings that offer some stunning views of the city from the higher floors. A modern architecture does not compromise comfort as the room might look too well-made to be occupied.

In terms of dining, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas happens to be the venue for one of the best buffets in town. The Wicked Spoon is not your traditional buffet as food is served in an artistic and pleasant manner making it almost too good to eat. Do not expect to see mountain piles of food and the typical salad, steak or dessert stations because the venue will make you feel like you’re in an elegant restaurant setting. A culinary food hall is what best describes the buffet since food is served in small plates to truly highlight the food and not the amount. This kind of setting will make you return a couple of times for you to be able to feel full, but this is not a problem at all when everything that is presented to you seems very appetizing. If you are not fan of buffets, the hotel has other restaurants that can satisfy your gastronomic cravings.

The Italian restaurant Scarpetta is in the third floor with all the other restaurants in the hotel. You should try the famous Spaghetti served in an elegant setting and enjoyed deliciously with wine.

There are not many attractions at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas but you will never feel bored with their nightlife. Make sure to visit Marquee Nightclub which will also operate as a day club poolside during the summer. This nightclub brings back the focus on the music as there are three different rooms with three different musical genres played in each of them. You can also party at The Chandelier which is a unique three-level bar that offers different experience on each level. The chandelier centerpiece is the highlight of the area and it creates a vibrant and lively environment for the crowd.

Feast your eyes, your palate and your senses with all that Cosmopolitan Las Vegas has to offer and this might be one your best experience s at one of the most interesting hotels in the deserts of Nevada.

The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino – A Touch of Modern Luxury

30 Nov

vegasIf you are looking for tips on top things to see/do in the Mandalay Bay Hotel Las Vegas, then you have come to the right place. The hotel has that subtle feeling of endless luxury, what with the modern rooms and the super pool all located in the perfect resort surroundings.


About the Hotel

Set in a lustrous location, the Mandalay Bay Hotel Las Vegas seriously has its house in order. The management has gone to great pains to ensure that everything is as it should be. Their attention to detail is impressive and most visitors prefer coming back to this amazing hotel whenever they are in Las Vegas.


This resort is designed with a tropical theme throughout, and features a massive water complex on site for those who love lounging by the pool side. We’re not just talking any hotel pool here though, the pool at the Mandalay Bay Hotel Las Vegas is consistently rated the single best pool complex in Las Vegas. This makes it perfect for the individual travelers, the romantic couple and even the occasional family holiday.


The Physical Location

The 43- story hotel sits on a sprawling 60- acre estate to the south of the Stip. It is connected to the Excalibur and the Luxor hotels by a complimentary monorail. This gives quick access to guests who wish to sample other delights in the surrounding area.


The Rooms

The guestrooms at this resort offer high- speed access to the internet, in- room safes among others. Every bathroom features separate showers and soaking tubs and stone vanities.


The Eateries

Added to the above, the Mandalay Bay Hotel Las Vegas boasts 20 restaurants, lounges and bars. Most of these drinking dens and eateries are located close to each other. Therefore, you can dine at one of the sumptuous restaurants, such as the StripSteak, and move on to another on- site location for drinks. One pub you should definitely consider passing by is the Eyecandy Soundbar and Lounge.


For more formal dinners, you can’t miss the Mix Restaurant and Lounge. At this classy restaurant, you will get a rare opportunity to enjoy views of the Strip before, during and after your meal. Additionally, the meals are finely prepared and grandly served, giving you that refined feeling that comes with properly eating out.


Core Amenities

Apart from the fine dining opportunities, guests can also head over to the 135,000- square foot casino for some real action playing Bingo, Roulette, and Poker among other staple casino games.


For the cultivated traveler, there is a real theater and a concert hall (the House of Blues). These two works of art are constantly rated highly as core attractions in Las Vegas.


If you love water and everything that comes with it, you can head over to the Shark Reef Aquarium- a fascinating aspect that few hotels can boast of. Children, families and couples are particularly drawn to the Mandalay Bay Hotel Las Vegas by this aquarium.



Overall, Mandalay Bay Hotel Las Vegas has just about everything you need to complete your holiday. Once you check in, you will feel tempted to spend most of your time within the confines of this amazing resort.

Las Vegas Hotels – Mandalay Bay

30 Nov

Hotel ConciergeIf you’re going for the full entertainment package experience, Las Vegas offers an array of splendid hotels in the Strip each having it’s own unique identity. Mandalay Bay is considered one of the top hotels due to it’s luxurious design, entertainment, fine dining options and nightlife all in one place. Conveniently located near the monorail train structure to ensure a hassle free travel experience, after you arrive directly check into your hotel, rest for a while then be on your way and explore the sights and sounds of the place. Featuring a stylish architecture with scenic landscapes, every inch of the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Hotel ensemble elegance and a taste of Polynesian paradise.

Rooms and Suites:

Deluxe Room – featuring a spacious 550 sq ft of room finished with a perfect blend of comfort and style with plush textiles and artfully designed furnishings. Amenities include an extended living area w/seating for 4, floor-to-ceiling windows, scenic Strip, Beach and mountain views, pillow-top mattress, 42″ hi-def plasma TV, desk area with wireless and hi-speed Internet,

mini-bar and in-room safe, a full bathroom loaded with imported stone surfaces, 15” LCD TV, show and soaking tub. Room rates start at $61 per night.

Spa Suite – featuring a spacious 610 sq ft of room which includes relaxing soaking tub to create the perfect environment for unwinding or reving you up for an awesome night ahead. Amenities include an extended living area w/seating for 4, floor-to-ceiling windows, scenic beach and mountain views, pillow-top mattress, 42″ hi-def plasma TV, desk area with wireless and hi-speed Internet, mini-bar and in-room safe, a full bathroom loaded with imported stone surfaces, 15” LCD TV, show and soaking tub. Room rates start at $79 per night.

Sky View Suite – This innovative oversized master suite offers 1,050 sq. ft w/ 1 king bed which is the perfect complement to a relaxing getaway or hosting a party with friends and family. Get complimentary access to Foundation Room, miX Lounge and Spa Facility. Amenities include an extended living area w/seating for 10, sofa, ottoman, game table, scenic Strip,beach and mountain views, 42″ hi-def plasma TVs in master and living room, wet bar with 32″ plasma TV,

mini-bar and personal fridge, a full bathroom loaded with italian marble surfaces, separate glass-enclosed shower with large soaking tub, 12″ LCD TV and an enclosed water closet. Room rates start at $286 per night.

Media Suite – A massive 2,170 sq. ft. w/ 1 king Including 949 sq. ft. parlor wired for whatever you want to watch on the 65-inch plasma TV centerpiece. A perfect place for private parties or big families looking to get a taste of luxury and comfort. Get complimentary access to Foundation Room, miX Lounge and Spa Facility. Amenities include an extended living area w/seating for 35, beach views, fully enclosed media suite, state-of-the-art surround-sound theater, 65″ plasma HDTV, mini-bar, additional 42″ high-definition Plasma TV, a fully loaded bathroom featuring elegantly appointed 1-1/2 bath, imported stone surfaces, dual steam shower w/ XL soaking tub and a 15″ in-mirror LCD TV. Room rates start at $466 per night.

Budget Travel: What You Need to Know

23 Nov

travelOne of the most expensive hobbies on Earth is traveling and not all of us are given the chance to visit international destination in luxury. It’s a good thing that budget travel is becoming a trend nowadays wherein people are now being given various options to go on vacation without spending too much. A little judicious and cautious planning can save tremendous expenditure without compromising significantly on the fun and joy of your trip. You do not need to have millions in your bank account and you do not need to be in the best accommodations to be able to go to chosen destination.

First of all, you need to determine your budget – how much can you afford and how much are you willing to spend on your trip? Planning the budget is an essential aspect of budget travel because you cannot achieve what you cannot afford to pay for. Since money is one of our major players, you need to spend it wisely only on the essential things for your trip. If think that you cannot afford a trip to Europe this year, then maybe you could plan your trip for next year so than you can still save and acquire the necessary amount for your travel. Planning your budget will also include how much are you allocating for specific items like fare, accommodation, food, activities, shopping and for unexpected expenses. You need to prepare for these things so that you will not go bankrupt the whole time you are on travel.

The second thing to choose is the season to go. The off-season is one of the best times to travel as there are not much people traveling to that place. For example, you could go to the beach during the winter or cold season where not many people will be out of their houses. Travel on the off-season is one great money save since vendors will be lowering their prices just to attract tourists to actually go there.  At this time the costs of the hotels, the availability of rooms and reservations, etc. all will be conveniently available and that too at remarkably less price. Going during the peak seasons can be daunting when you have to compete with a number of people just to get the cheapest deals.

You should also make the Internet your friend and check it often because deals will be popping out every now and them. Checking for airfares is best done online once you have decided on the dates to travel. Going online is an easy and convenient way in finding a suitable accommodation and eating joints that fit in your budget. You can also research about your destination through the internet where information is widely available. It is recommended to have an idea of the place you are heading to so that you can be prepared and avoid hassles as much as possible. This will give you an idea on which places to go, how to get there and what to do there so you wouldn’t end up being completely ignorant of your destination.

Lastly, you should never travel without travel insurance as this can save you from problems before, during or after your trip. Being insured is the best for your safety and happiness during your trip whether domestically or internationally.

How to Be Confident When Travelling Alone

16 Nov

travelaloneFor some people who have experienced it, traveling alone isn’t really a bad thing especially when you have prepared yourself for the trip. Having companions along with you is not always possible as there are situations or circumstances where you have to be on your own when someone is not available or not required to accompany you. If this is your first time traveling alone, it is only normal to be scared and anxious, but this will not help you during the trip. What you should do is be relaxed and prepare yourself to become confident for the upcoming travel.

Attackers, criminals or offenders are usually after individuals traveling alone especially when they appear to be vulnerable, scared or un-assured of themselves. This is what attracts crimes and you become easily become a target when no one is with you. To appear confident even if you are not really that confident in the first place, you must hold your head up high! The way you carry yourself could do wonders and this is important when you are new to a place. Stand up straight, square your shoulders, and walk as if you’re a traveler or a local and not a tourist.

When walking along the streets or wandering around the town, be friendly and make contact with people. Your eyes could immediately tell if you are scared or afraid even if you pretend not to. Relaxing and maintaining good eye contact with people will portray a sense of being familiar with your environment. This will make the crowd aware of your presence but in a confident way and not as if you’re really a foreigner in the land.

Aside from your glance and stance, you also need to walk the talk. Exude confidence by acting like you know the area even if it is your first time to be there. You could easily become the center of attention if you are traveling alone and you’re new to the area. Try to avoid attention as much as possible and you can do this by acting like you’re a seasoned traveler. Roam around town as if you have been there before, eat at local restaurants as if you have eaten there before and do activities as if you have done them before.

Being alone on travel should not hinder you from enjoying your trip. Do not hesitate to talk to people especially when you need help. Although we are taught not to speak to strangers, there are situations that could require us to do so. The locals in the area are very helpful to travelers and you can ask them for directions when you are lost or simply ask them about the best things to do in their area.

Being prepared for your upcoming travel is one of the best ways to act confident. It helps to read about your destination and try to know the basics about the area like the history and culture. There are many things that could happen before, during or after your trip and when you are alone, you have no one to count on but yourself. Many people travel alone without problems. If they can do it, you can also do it when you know how to act and appear confident within the crowd.

Paris Las Vegas Hotel – Experience the Ambience of Paris During your Stay

08 Nov

lasvegasLVOnce you’ve visited and experienced the splendor of Paris you can’t help but think when would be your next trip back. Paris lovers have a reason to be excited when staying in Las Vegas, experience everything you love about the city right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. The Paris Las Vegas Hotel was strategically built to provide a similar ambiance as if you were in Paris itself. Located in 3655 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, the hotel features a 540 foot tall copy of the Eiffel Tower which can be viewed from hotel rooms, a two-thirds scale Arc de Triomphe, a sign shaped of the seventeenth century Montgolfier balloon and structure resembling both the Louvre museum and the Opera House.

The Hotel Rooms – delighting guests with custom European furniture, rich fabrics, and warm decorations, the rooms provide a distinctive French feel in each room. Hotel room prices start at $80 per night which surely is a bargain in terms of spending and time to travel to Paris. Rooms are conveniently spacious which start measuring at 390 square meters, marble bathroom features both a bathtub and a stand-alone shower and 1 king/2 queen sized beds available depending on the room you chose to stay at. If you love bringing your pets along, you’ll be happy to find out that there are pet friendly rooms, you can bring along with you up to 2 dogs per room and each dog must weigh less than 50 pounds, even your pets receive a warm welcome by getting their own treat and dog food/water bowl.

Restaurants and Dining Options – Get the ultimate Paris experience by dining 110 feet above the Strip in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant and enjoy the world class dishes, after your meal you can head towards the top and see the view of the Las Vegas. If you are craving for a French inspired meal go for the Le Artistes Steakhouse and taste their popular menu’s such as dishes like the bone-in filet mignon, salt-crusted prime rib, and an array of seafood dishes to satisfy your appetite. With many more world class restaurants to choose from, a day in the Paris Las Vegas is not enough to try them all so go for your gut feel since all choices are excellent.

Things to do – Le Boulevard is your pit stop for your shopping and entertainment, from the Paris theatre which is where popular artists take the stage and provide you trademark performances to the Chateau Nightclub and Gardens where the party never stops, Napoleon’s Lounge which features live entertainment such as the dueling pianos, live music and stand-up comedy.